How to choose your speakers?

The speakers retransmit the recorded sounds into the air. These are very important elements of the acoustic chain.

  • But how to choose your speakers: for what purpose? domestic, nomadic, studio? For which
  • activity: musical listening, studio monitoring, workshops or music lessons?

And how much does that cost?

No to noise pollution! In any situation where you listen to sounds, the loudspeakers are the most important element and most often they are neglected. For example, we spend most of our time at work or at our leisure in front of a room. computer screen. We watch videos, we listen to music and most of the time the sounds come out of our computer through small speakers embedded in the computer, read this guide for the computer speakers under $50 and get your new computer speaker today.

These small speakers are of poor quality, they do not transcribe the full range of sound frequencies. In particular, they are totally lacking bass frequencies. Hence this nasal sound, unpleasant and very tiring for our ears that constantly massacre music or soundtracks listened to.

A difficult choice? What about more important listening situations: the latest album of the Rolling Stones, your favorite of Michael Jackson were a symphony of Beethoven … It’s even worse! You mount videos, you want to produce your own music at home, can you already envisage to equip your home-studio? For all these diverse and varied situations, there are bookshelf speakers at very different prices to now about the actual prices of you best bookshelf speakers read this post and buy right according to the guidelines.

You have already done a search on the internet: the number of brands, models, and differences in size and price is mind-blowing!

Advice: to help you choose the speakers you need, I will simply offer two models tested in my work as in my hobbies and that correspond to 2 very different and complementary uses. And I will not talk to you a test made in the store, but a real use of several months or even years. Again, this is not disguised advertising: all my technical advice is strictly independent of any link with a brand or a maker.

I wish in an ethical way to transmit you my professional experience of the music and the sound and to help you in your choices.